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Pinhole glasses - aviator style

Pinhole glasses - aviator style

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Aviator-style pinhole glasses are becoming famous for helping people improve their vision without the risks of laser surgery or the expense of prescription eyeglasses.

Our pinhole glasses have the following features:

* Quality construction with thick pinhole panel that stays firmly in place
* Metal hinges!
* High quality, thick frame resists breakage
* Unconditionally guaranteed

Frequently-asked questions about pinhole glasses:

How do pinhole glasses work?

Pinhole glasses work by exercising your ciliary muscle group that alters the shape of your lens. An "out of shape" eye lens causes an inability to focus images on the retina, resulting in blurred vision. Pinhole glasses exercise the ciliary muscles, helping restore a normal range of focus that restores clear vision. Read more at Natural News:

How will I know if they are working for me?

The minute you put them on, you will INSTANTLY see more clearly. Many people are astonished at the difference in vision they experience instantly. Some people actually scream out in surprise at the fact that they can suddenly see clearly.

Is it safe to use pinhole glasses?

Yes, there are no dangerous side effects from wearing pinhole glasses. Obviously, do not wear them while driving or performing any action that requires your full attention.

Can I use pinhole glasses if I'm wearing contact lenses?

Yes you can, although it is best to try wearing pinhole glasses without your contact lenses to see how much it can improve your focus.

For how long should I wear the pinhole glasses?

Initially, try them for just a few minutes a day, building up to roughly one hour each day as your focus improves. You may find that you need for prescription glasses and contacts diminishes with time.

What will my eye doctor say about pinhole glasses?

Most likely, he will dismiss them as useless because he is either not familiar with how well they work, or he feels his business is possibly threatened by them.

Do pinhole glasses work for everyone?

No. There are many causes of poor vision. Pinhole glasses only help address poor vision caused by weak ciliary muscles or lens inflexibility. It does not resolve cataracts or other causes of blurred vision. Pinhole glasses are not medical devices.

Customer Reviews
Rating Pinhool glasses
I have not purchased these yet, but my eye doctor (opthamologist) uses them during eye exams if I can't read the chart clearly...so will purchase a pair soon.
Reviewed by: from Greensboro, NC. on 10/22/2013
Rating $20.00!!!
As a "pinholer" for over 10 years, I can attest to their claims! Evidence the fact that I wore glasses in high school, needed, by law, them to drive. Just renewed my driver's license...don't need regular glasses to drive anymore! No need for bifocals! You'll feel queasy first wearing them, but "it" goes away! Only buy quality frames! Cheapos break easily! eBay has heavy duty ones a lot cheaper! Enjoy reading the fine print on TV! You'll be a pinholer for life!
Reviewed by: from DeLand. on 10/7/2013
Rating These Really Work!!
I've been wearing reading glasses for 20 years so you can imagine how astonished I was when putting these on, I could see perfectly. I've used them randomly for a month or so now and my vision without glasses is definitely improving. I started with 10 minutes because longer gave me a low grade headache but it doesn't now. I highly recommend these.
Reviewed by: from Orlando, FL. on 1/31/2013
Rating Mrs
These pinhole glasses are great, I notice my vision is improving, my depth perception is sharpernd if I aneed to read small print these glasses work as well as my prescription lenses.
Reviewed by: from Prince George, BC. on 1/8/2013
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