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Rated best harmful organism cleanser! Paratrex® helps create an environment hostile to invading organisms and promotes a natural cleansing of your system. Eliminate unwanted invaders from your body with Paratrex®! Contains 2 fluid oz.

What is Paratrex®?

Harmful organisms are everywhere. They can be passed by people, pets, the environment, food, and water. Harmful organisms come in different forms and thrive in the body, especially the colon. You're particularly vulnerable to opportunistic invaders when your intestinal health or immune system are compromised. Harmful organisms steal your nutrients and release toxic waste into your body. When your body has been infiltrated and becomes a dumping ground for these critters, your health can suffer.

Paratrex® is the answer. Paratrex® is a comprehensive combination of seven all-natural ingredients designed to help promote the cleansing and detoxification of harmful organisms.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Paratrex®

Harmful organisms release waste into your body and weaken your immune system. Harmful organisms feed off your food, reducing nutrient availability. Exposure to harmful organisms from food is very common. Raw vegetables and undercooked meat may be especially prone. Harmful organisms may produce mild discomfort or serious disease. The indications of harmful organisms can vary dramatically. If you experience any of the following, you should take action and cleanse your system today: 
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Constipation or other digestive issues
  • Nausea and malaise
  • Weakness and lethargy
  • Loose stools
  • Weight gain or loss

Shocking Statistics About Harmful Organisms
  • Exposure is very common, nine out of ten people may be infested with harmful organisms.
  • Pork, shellfish, and contaminated food are common modes of transmission in America.
  • Animals have less discerning diets which makes them more prone to infestation. If you have a household pet your chances of acquiring intestinal invaders are higher.
  • Indications of infestation may not be noticed for years, at which point your health has already suffered.
  • Harmful organisms can even be spread during sexual activity.

What are the Health Benefits of Paratrex®?
  • Promotes detoxification by establishing an environment that is hostile to harmful organisms.
  • Ridding your body of harmful organisms frees the nutrients they've been stealing.
  • Harmful organisms can make you weak and tired, losing the ball and chain can rejuvenate your energy levels!
  • Formulated by a doctor and a team of leading natural health specialists!

What are the Top Questions People ask about Paratrex®?

1. How does my body become infested with harmful organisms? Harmful organism exposure is often attributed to environmental factors and may include:
    • Undercooked meat, fish or poultry
    • Contaminated water
    • Poor hygiene
    • Feces or soil
    • Pets
    • Improperly washed fruits and vegetables
2. Why is Paratrex® effective? Paratrex® is made from a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals. Global Healing Center only uses premium herbs of the highest quality. The formulation in Paratrex® supports natural detoxification by creating an environment within your body that is not welcoming to harmful organisms.

Some Additional Tips From Our Customers...
  • Avoid sugar, dairy, wheat, meat, fish, and poultry to keep the body in an alkaline state while taking Paratrex®. These are acidic foods and harmful organisms thrive on them. Eat thoroughly washed, raw organic fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of purified water.
  • Water from streams or lakes may be high risk. When camping, boil your water to kill harmful organisms.
  • Colon cleansing supports harmful organism cleansing. The colon walls are warm, dark, moist and provide a perfect breeding ground for harmful organisms.
  • Cooking meat to appropriate temperatures is mandatory for killing harmful organisms and their eggs.
  • A quality probiotic supplement will promote the growth of healthy probiotic colonies in the digestive tract.
  • Organic oregano oil is toxic to harmful organisms and may provide additional defense.
  • For optimum health, perform the 6-day cleanse at least twice every year
  • Totally avoiding harmful organisms is next to impossible, perform harmful organism cleanses regularly.


  Wildcrafted black walnut (green hull)
One of the strongest and most versatile herbs for removing harmful organisms, the kernel and green hull are the most potent parts of the black walnut to promote harmful organism cleansing of the intestinal tract. The high tannin content of the green hull is primarily responsible for the walnuts beneficial properties. Other constituents such as juglandin, juglone, and juglandic acid are also involved in the purging process. Some research suggests black walnut can oxygenate the blood, which also helps create a hostile environment to harmful organisms. The green husk also contains organic iodine, which provides assistance to your intestinal tract in the cleansing of harmful organisms.

  Organic wormwood (leaf/stem)
Wormwood has been used as an intestinal cleansing herb as far back as 1600BC. Wormwood creates an extremely hostile environment for harmful organisms in your intestinal tract and also promotes healthy digestive processes such as increasing liver and gallbladder secretions.

  Organic American wormseed
Derived from the seeds and other above ground parts of wormseed, Chenopodium is an excellent ingredient for any product used to promote a healthy intestinal environment. Before being popularized by the medical establishment in America during the 19th century, American Wormseed was frequently used by Native Americans to support digestive health. Wormseed is also said to have properties for removing intestinal irritants that cause spasms within the colon wall. Wormseed contains up to 90% ascaridol - an ingredient found to be useful for discouraging intestinal invaders.

  Wildcrafted anamu
Anamu is a flowering plant that grows wild in South America, Mexico, Texas and other similar regions. Its long history of medicinal use includes helping the body be inhospitable to harmful organisms while promoting a healthy immune system.

  Organic clove (bud)
Clove Bud is considered one of the best herbs for killing eggs from harmful organisms and it also acts as a powerful fungicide.

  Wildcrafted simarouba amara (bark)

Found in the rain forests of South America, simarouba amara bark contains compounds that have been found to be toxic to harmful organisms.

Other Ingredients:

USP Kosher certified vegetable glycerin
Purified water (pH neutral)

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