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Detoxadine (Nascent Atomic Iodine) 1oz (29.6ml)

Part Number 718122403752
review 2 Review(s)
Detoxadine (Nascent Atomic Iodine) 1oz (29.6ml)
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"In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, people desperately sought out a source of dietary iodine for thyroid protection. Iodine supplements were sold out everywhere and became scarce. But right now, they're readily available and a smart item for emergency preparedness as well as everyday supplementation with trace iodine." - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Detoxadine® is a high-quality daily nascent atomic iodine supplement made from dietary transformative iodine in a bio-elemental nanocolloidal state. Detoxadine® is gentle on your stomach and will not sting or burn when used externally.

 1 fluid oz.

What is Detoxadine®?

No Animal Testing No Genetically Modified Organisms Vegan Friendly Made in the USA Gluten Free

Detoxadine® is nano-colloidal nascent atomic iodine. Nascent atomic iodine plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy body, healthy DNA integrity, and immune system support. It helps with metabolic and endocrine balance, and bolsters cardiovascular health.

  • It is a true glycerite of natural USP grade iodine
  • The Iodine is derived from deep sea sources and is vegan-friendly
  • It is non-toxic
  • It provides high elemental iodine uptake and tissue saturation
  • It does not contain inefficient iodide form of iodine
  • The daily maintenance of 3 drops = 898% of RDA
  • 1 bottle of Detoxadine® lasts 3 months for 1 person
  • Does not sting or burn
  • Vegetable glycerin base, no alcohol, unlike other atomic iodine solutions

What are the benefits of Detoxadine®?

Many people may be suffering from iodine deficiency! Over half the US population is deficient in iodine, or show symptoms of iodine-related deficiencies. Proper levels of iodine within the body are a major supportive factor against immune problems, effects of environmental and dietary toxins, and rising levels of toxic radiation exposure.

  • Improved thyroid and endocrine function
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and aids in regulating blood sugar
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • May assist in improving thinking and reduction of "brain fog"
  • Helps improve digestion, transit time, and bowel function
  • Improves breast milk production and quality
  • May assist in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Assists immune system function
  • May reduce body odors
  • May help eliminate toxic halogens like mercury, bromides, fluoride, etc.
  • Reduces harmful effects of radiation exposure
  • Helps correct iodine deficiency in children and expectant mothers
  • Helps balance iodine levels in autistic children

Each bottle contains 1 fluid oz.


  • USP-Grade Kosher certified vegetable glycerin
  • Purified water [pH balanced]
  • Nascent iodine from USP resublimated iodine (sea source)

Customer Reviews
Rating it works
It works just as advertised. I have always been cold and lacking energy. Now my energy levels have inproved. And my hands and feet stay warm. And i have no more insomnia.
  Reviewed by:   from amarillo tx. on 11/18/2013
Rating Mrs
I got this with the recommendation of my daughter and it has been excellent. I have Lichen Plantis for which there is no cure. All the medical doctors, dentists & even compounding pharmacies just wanted me to use steroid type meds that do not cure it, just calm the tissues. I didn't want any steroids so I decided to try this Detoxadine & though it is no cure, it has calmed down the irritated areas in my mouth and gum line with out bad side effects.
  Reviewed by:   from Mt Dora FL. on 7/31/2013
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