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100% Organic Coconut Flour 60oz (1,700g)

100% Organic Coconut Flour 60oz (1,700g)

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Organic Coconut Flour (60 oz)

Organic Coconut Flour is made from fresh organic coconut meat from the Philippines. It is dried and defatted, then finely ground to a flour. It's made in small batches at low temperatures to ensure that the freshness and quality of the product is optimal. 

Did You Know?

Coconut is an excellent source of dietary fiber that facilitates healthy digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals. High in protein, Coconut Flour is a healthy, non-grain alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Cooking with Coconut Flour makes it easy to increase your daily intake of fiber. It is also low in sodium, digestible carbohydrates, and very low in cholesterol.

Because it's full of fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates, Coconut Flour has a more gentle impact on blood glucose. If you`re concerned about your blood sugar levels, Coconut Flour can be a great alternative to traditional flours.

Baking with Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour lends a rich texture and natural sweetness to baked goods.
It can be used as a substitute for up to about 1/3rd of the flour in most standard recipes. Due to its high fiber content, Coconut Flour absorbs a lot of liquid, and you`ll generally need to increase the liquid called for in the recipe by about 1/3rd as well.

To substitute the entire amount of traditional wheat flour in a recipe with Coconut Flour, you`ll need to do some recipe tweaking.  Coconut Flour is non-glutinous and doesn`t rise or gel together like wheat flour. The easy solution  for this is to use one egg or 3 tablespoons of Chia gel per ounce of Coconut Flour in a recipe.  For the best results, we suggest you find recipes that were written specifically for Coconut Flour.
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